Rome, Italia

G-Rough presents an unconventional luxury concept "Made in Italy" in Piazza Navona in Rome.

The living room of the Piazza Pasquino suite is furnished with classic 1950s furniture, such as the octagonal coffee table the eggplant velvet chair, the floor lamp with blown glass and the cascade lamp. Indulgence at G-Rough comes in many forms. Not least in the glamorous bathrooms, where gleaming tiles and inviting two-tone cast-iron bathtubs await.

"Satis ampla qvae secvritate rideat"
The facade even still bears the original Latin inscription, meaning big enough to give a sense of security. More than just comfort, G-Rough is a pastiche with original wooden ceilings, patinated walls and meandering floor plans typical of Roman apartments.


  • Wifi / WLAN
  • Food & Drink
    Wine bar with aperitivo
  • Spa & Relaxation
    Wellness treatments in room
  • Conference & Meetings
    Conference room
Rome, Italia
Price on request


Piazza Navona remains one of Rome's most popular squares, built over Emperor Domitian's stadium, and its cinematic setting is filled with sidewalk cafes, palazzi, street performers, and musicians. When you're done with the Renaissance and Baroque churches and palaces in the Centro Storico, visit the design-oriented thrift stores on Via del Governo Vecchio or enjoy the nonstop energy in one of the up-and-coming bars.