Our hotels

Time is the one luxury we all lack.  That's why when you book with us, you get access to our network that opens doors to the inaccessible places, and our exclusive VIP benefits.

And because we care about the power of personalized travel, our team is constantly on the lookout for unique experiences and exceptional properties that are worth your time. 

We're into hotels with character. On owners with vision. On accommodations that tell a story.

We recommend accommodations based on your desire - on your lifestyle - what suits you or what we feel you absolutely have to experience. 

When a hotel owner has put thought into every detail like furniture, food, design and more, it piques our interest and we want to know more about it. Our team is constantly traveling and when we visit a place, we look at the properties in question to decide for ourselves if they are a good fit for you and us. 

Every year new accommodations open around the world and we already know what's new on the market this year and watch the process. 

A hotel can be much more than just a vacation rental. "Home away from home" is a nice approach and we want you to feel at home outside your four walls.