Tokyo, Japan

Japanese craftsmanship abounds at this hip Tokyo hotel. Shibuya soul food is served here along with upcycled furniture and contemporary artwork.

The building adheres to the "old meets new" concept, providing a texture-rich aesthetic.
Walk past a Zelkova tree at the entrance and you're immersed in a world of Japanese furniture from brands like Truck and Tokyo Cork Project-the latter of which uses old wine corks to make the statement stools in the lounge.

Perched above a quiet street in Tokyo's Shibuya district, Trunk Hotel is housed in two adjacent four-story buildings.
The hotel structures take on dark geometric forms designed by Mount Fuji Architects. While a glass and wood chapel sits atop the roof, the hotel's gray stone facade, with its tiered balconies and sprawling greenery, conceals an interior with four banquet halls and a lounge with a wall of recycled wood from old Japanese houses.

The Trunk Kitchen, which includes a chef's table, terrace and private dining room, serves Japanese-Western fusion cuisine.
The Trunk Kushi stand serves skewered "Shibuya soul food" as well as hojicha tea, neighborhood coffee, sake, shochu and proprietary cocktails.

The hotel features both temporary exhibitions and permanent artworks.
Works by well-known artists such as Ido Yoshimoto, Maru Michinori, Chopped Liver Press, David Horvitz and Nigel Peake can be seen in the hotel's rooms.


  • Air conditioner
  • Wifi / WLAN
  • TV / Satellite system
Tokyo, Japan
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The Shibuya neighborhood itself is considered the center of Tokyo's youth culture, with an abundance of traditional izakaya eateries, karaoke joints, arcades, restaurants, boutiques, manga cafes, and art galleries. The neighborhood's main attraction is the frenetic Shibuya intersection, where all lanes of traffic are stopped to allow pedestrians to walk across the street in all directions. However, Shibuya is also famous for its fashion scene and is home to shopping centers such as the famous Shibuya 109, Hikarie and Parco.