DesignHotels expands its portfolio in the Maldives with another hotel Patina Maldives, Fari Islands

A place where nature and healthy architecture coexist harmoniously, Patina Maldives offers a fresh haven for progressive travelers seeking authentic experiences in a pocket of seclusion.


  • 7 restaurants
  • 3 Food Trucks
  • 1 Bar
  • 1 Beach Club
  • SPA
  • 24 Hours Gym

110 rooms divided into Beach Homes & Water Villas

with woods, linens, rattan, paper cord and natural fibers in a variety of muted colors that complement the gray stone floor, whitewashed wood moldings and slatted wood ceilings. Artwork ranges from intricately handcrafted design pieces to well-known works such as "Skyspace," an installation by world-renowned American artist James Turrell.

Patina Maldives and Studio MK27 made great efforts to make the resort as environmentally conscious as possible.

Even before the foundation stone was laid, Patina Maldives pledged not to use single-use plastics on site - even construction workers used refillable bottles - while 16,800 trees and 320,000 shrubs were replanted from islands that were to be cleared for industrial purposes.

The Fari Islands are known for their crystal blue waters, dazzling coral, pristine white sand beaches and tropically colored landscapes. On the more than 1,200 islands of the Maldives, one is immersed in a paradisiacal piece of nature, while the architecture, art, music and cuisine reflect the Portuguese, Dutch and British influences of the Maldives, as well as relics from the Buddhist and Islamic eras.

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