Inspired by the "flattened, prismatic bodies" of Mobula rays swimming by in the sea, Nomadic Resorts' tree houses are attached to a cluster of transplanted coconut palms that have been moved to predetermined locations by the site's permaculture manager.

The naturally ventilated treehouses are the result of a collaboration with David Leventhal, a pioneer in the regenerative travel movement, and allow Playa Viva to accommodate up to 12 additional guests.

One of the treehouses features a master bedroom with a hammock-net balcony overlooking the ocean, while an annex at the back of the treehouse houses the downstairs bathroom and a second bedroom/lounge upstairs with daybeds and a desk. Overnight stays cost from about $300 per night.

Olav Bruin, creative director of Atelier Nomadic, says, "The bamboo treehouse design offered us a unique opportunity to develop a state-of-the-art bamboo structure in an incredible location without compromising our environmental ethos.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing renewable building materials in the world. The robust Guadua bamboo was used for the main structure, roof, façade slats and ceiling, while Phyllostachis Aurea was used for the wall and façade panels in the outbuilding. The flooring is made of Cumaru wood.

The architecturally striking treehouses feature "hyperbolic paraboloid" roofs that were winched into position and attached to the tree trunks before the prefabricated panels were erected by "enigmatic bamboo maestro" Jorg Stamm and his team of local craftsmen.