Parīlio Hotel Paros

Timeless Greek architecture, an invitingly restrained color palette, European design elements and the splendor of Paros - all are enjoyed in a sublime private suite.

Lighting by Italian company Toscot, bedside tables by 101 Copenhagen and an earthy color palette with neutral tones. Designer Stamos Hondrodimos used the work of local craftsmen and leading European designers, as well as motifs of North African tribes. He perfectly combines Cycladic architecture with holistic design. The minimal use of color and marble figures gives a sense of timeless purity.

Bei der Umwandlung eines 55-Zimmer-Komplexes in ein 33-Suiten-Hotel setzte der Architekt großzügig farbigen Beton ein...

Terracotta floors and local marble to set a stage for custom furniture, natural wood and a muted color palette that presents Cycladic architecture in a modern light. The signature features-such as arches, concrete columns, and thick masonry-are representative of traditional building techniques and help convey a sense of sanctity. The lobby is a celebration of symmetrical arches.

"For us, Parīlio is a celebration of Cycladic simplicity - the brightness, calm, warmth and carefree spirit of the island."

Kalia Eliopoulos