Art is also an integral part of the guest experience with an eclectic mix of native multimedia Greek artists on display. Combining modern and classical approaches, these include Margarita Myrogianni’s abstract images of details and shadows from traditional handmade embroidery, which become an abstract place of reference for images such as fishermen’s nets, sea urchin shapes, nautical ropes and the light of the Cycladic islands. The potter Dimitris Spyros decorates various hidden corners of the hotel with his unusual forms inspired by the sculptural stones of the island’s landscape. Outdoors, ID Laboratorium selected artist Terpsichore, who collaborated with the ceramicist Nikos Gagiatsos to create faces of its famous lazy sailors, painted on pots.

Located at the highest point in the resort and named after the Greek God of the Sun, Elios Spa pays tribute to the setting in which it is nestled. Embracing the slow-paced Cycladic way of life, Elios Spa is a sanctuary for the senses where guests encouraged to rediscover harmony through holistic treatments using exclusively indigenous resources, pure extracts and innovative techniques. The selected spa partner, Korres, blends rare organic ingredients from Greece and the wider Mediterranean to create locally-inspired healing rituals, treatments and therapies that can be crafted to guests’ needs and are designed to stimulate and revitalise the body, soul and spirit. Signature rituals include the Korres Greek Yogurt Facial, the Aegean Sensation Candle Massage and the Elios Sunlight Wellbeing Journey. On the roof of the spa, a dedicated space for star-gazing overlooks Naoussa and the sea, making it ideal for mind-broadening yoga and meditation rituals.


Credits: © George Fakaros