Similar again to the favourite hoodie or the one pair of sneakers in the wardrobe that you would never give either away again, we are also always on the lookout for that one fragrance that suits us and for which we, as with our favourite items of clothing, we're asked. 

"Where did you buy that?" - "What brand is that?" - "Wow, what kind of fragrance is that?" 

There is no doubt that you have to deal with the niche. Because also like the hoodie of your favourite brand, which is often a bit more expensive and you wonder how the price comes about, niche fragrances are priced well above the scents you might have had under your Christmas tree from grandma on B Day 17. 

At ONE, we deal with special topics every day and those who know us know that the story is more important to us than a suit without content. If the hotel owner has chosen the furniture himself, then he is preaching to the choir, and if your new favourite perfume does not have a chemically produced scent, but the designer has created it from sustainable/fair ingredients, then we want to talk about it. 

And if your long-time school friend is dealing with the subject like no other in the German-speaking world, then it's high time we wrote a blog post about it. 

We are talking about none other than Felice di Maio and his brand "DUFTBUNKER“. 

If you're a fan of Rhuigi Villasenor and Rhude, you're also a fan of Felice! 


Graduate designer - content creator - Italian - father - perfume expert - hip hop lover - friend and much more. 

In addition to classics from the well-known niche houses such as Creed or Xerjoff, Felice also presents the smaller houses on Inta or his youtube channel, which you definitely haven't thought of and vlogs about them. 

Here is one of our favourites:

Apart from Felice's presentations of the individual fragrance houses, you should also take a look at the videos, like a good podcast, where he goes into detail about the individual fragrances. In addition to an honest and transparent opinion, you'll also get a lot of background information that no online shop can offer you. 

So if you ask us, "DUFTBUNKER" should be one of your new subscriptions on youtube.