Yapa is a new restaurant and bar in the historic center of Milan. Chef Matteo Pancetti cooked in some of the best restaurants in the world before returning to Italy to open his own place. Pancetti approached us to transform the compact space into a warm, intimate space that would convey his eclectic culinary influences and passion for travel. We opted for a subtle design that would reflect Pancetti's commitment to quality, simplicity and sustainability. A neutral canvas that puts his precise culinary artistry front and center.

The modest but not austere space is an ode to tactile materiality, where everything is in its place. The intimate and reserved atmosphere is a counterpoint to the traditional Milanese scene. The understated aesthetic, natural color palette and subdued lighting set the stage for lively conversations at the table or bar. Framed stools are placed at the central counter, where guests can be infected by the energy of the open kitchen. Square tables and chairs form a neat grid that conveys a sense of order and harmony. There's a sense that everything has been designed with purpose - from the menu to the seating to the way the staff moves around the space.

Like the ingredients in the kitchen, the raw materials are of the highest quality, treated with delicacy and respect to bring out their natural properties.

Björn Ceder

Implementing agency : 
Lambs and Lions in collaboration 
with Annabell Kutucu