The FORESTIS is located in a densely wooded area at 1,800 m with a view of the Dolomites. The outstanding local natural occurrences, because of their uniqueness, had already prompted the Austrian monarchy to build a pulmonary sanatorium in this very place.

On the southern slope of the Plose in the South Tyrolean Alps, the FORESTIS is situated in a protected sunny position, directly opposite the impressive massifs of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites. The extraordinarily pure Plose spring water, the good mountain air, numerous sunny days and the mild climate zone, where Adriatic currents meet air masses from the north, have a favorable effect on health and well-being.

The architecture of FORESTIS is inspired by the natural phenomena that were once decisive for the construction of a sanatorium. Water, air, sun and climate of the highest quality continue here in equally causal materials. Stone, from which the spring springs, glass, clear as the air, warm fabrics that warm like the sun and the wood that grows best in this climate. Outside and inside, these natural materials harmonize as nature itself exemplifies.

The suites at FORESTIS bring nature into the room. The natural materials and clean style symbolize the silence of the forest and the surrounding nature. Sun-drenched all day, the suites offer an ideal retreat.

Palmschoß is a place favored by nature. The pure spring water, the good mountain air, the many hours of sunshine and the mild climate form the four foundations of the FORESTIS. As the Celts exemplified it with their nature teachings, the FORESTIS Spa combines these four causal natural occurrences with four trees: mountain pine, spruce, larch and Swiss stone pine.

Nature and farmers from the surrounding area provide the ingredients, which are tastefully perfected in the FORESTIS kitchen with respect for time-honored traditions and with the creativity of a modern kitchen. The FORESTIS kitchen philosophy always follows the premises of diversity, naturalness and authenticity.