With a contemporary Greek restaurant, open-air bar, concept store and live music, the Nōema embodies the carefree joie de vivre of the Greek islands. A celebration of simplicity, generosity and spontaneity, where nature rules, time stands still and togetherness is what really counts.

The subtle design sheds new light on the restrained Cycladic aesthetic with contrasting elements of raw concrete, polished cement, textured tiles and dark wood. The muted color palette of charcoal, seal wood and sand reflects the granite rocks, dry stone walls and golden beaches of Mykonos, but eschews the clichés of Cycladic white and blue - a warm and welcome contrast to the bright whitewashed alleys of Mykonos Town. Stoneware and oversized plants create a tropical Mediterranean atmosphere that reflects the natural ethos of the Nōema.

The Nōema's open kitchen, bar, and salon extend from the enclosed courtyard, creating a seamless transition between loosely defined areas for eating, drinking, and dancing. The courtyard, or avli, is the heart of the Cycladic home - a secret garden, sheltered from the elements, where family and friends gather.